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CodeTopo is a software that performs graphics directly from lists of Cartesian coordinates (X, Y points). It is able, not only, to automatically draw the outline of objects from these coordinates, but also : a cartridge, the scale of the graph, a grid, and many other things.
This software will interest especially those who handle lists of geographical or topographical points (eg from GPS) and who wish to quickly obtain a graphical representation.
CodeTopo also includes features that allow the recovery of coordinates from bitmap images or “kml” files (Google). It allows you to convert data between different geographic and cartographic systems. Finally, CodeTopo can perform calculations such as area, distance, perimeter, from the list of Cartesian coordinates.
Graphs made with CodeTopo consist of vector objects, and are saved as PDF file.
Warning: you can download and use CodeTopo freely. However, at the first aperture of the software
a registration number will be required that you can get by clicking on the following link :
v 3.0 fr
Automatic drawing from cartesian coordinates. The
file is compacted and contains also the manual and
some samples to test CodeTopo.
Already thousands of downloads around the world
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