HyperCard is trademak by Apple Computer, Inc.,
LiveCode is trademark by Runtime Revolution Ltd.
There was once a curious software, called “HyperCard”, to which no specifc task was assigned.
However, this curious software had a characteristic. At each of its occurring, he said : “makes as many wishes that allows your imagination, and I will fulfill them all ! ... well,, almost all... “. And, as he kept one’s word, he was quickly recognized as a kind of contemporary version of the “genious of the lamp”.
So, thanks to its help, many people - going to the discovery of the Hyperpace - were initiated to programming and to the sharing of new spatio-temporal breaches.
That the two main creators and craftsmen of HyperCard thus find here the expression of my gratitude and of my profound admiration : Bill Atkinson (Whose works of art can be admired on the net) and Dan WinKler.
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The HYPEReSPACE is a place dedicated to the presentation and downloading of tools that I developed under HyperCard™, and modified by using LiveCode™ (worthy successor of HyperCard) to adapt them to the current operating systems.
These software, now independent, no longer require the presence of a player to be executed.
Furthermore, few tools are available to developers using LiveCode.
CodeTopo automatically draws graphics from list
of Cartesian coordinates (XY). It draws all objects that
compose these list. The software enables the recovery
and conversion of geographic coordinates. Vectorized
drawings are saved in PDF format.
& Matrix2PDF
1.5 ß
T·alK (at the Table of AlKwarizmi) is a software that
allows to perform - in a few mouse clicks - conditional
calculations (PivotTables™ in Excel™), statistics, or to
perform permutations matrix (matrix of Bertin). T·alK
generates graphs that correspond to the results of
these functions, and saves to PDF.
Supported OS
If you meet a problem feel free to notify the author by
contacting him by email at: rg75@free.fr
File format
Other small tools written in HyperTalk and destined
largely for those who develop under LiveCode.
A page of links to sites dedicated to the development
under HyperCard and LiveCode